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Thanks to all involved in the Savoy Opera Chorale's recent performance of The Grand Duke.

"Songs of the Duke"
The Savoy Opera Chorale presented
songs from "The Grand Duke" by
Gilbert and Sullivan
Society Hall, Nollamara

The Savoy Opera Chorale performed The Grand Duke, Gilbert and Sullivan's final opera which debuted in the Savoy Theatre in March 1896. As an abridged concert version, the dialogue was omitted leaving the music (and some narrative) to do the talking which it does very well. I’m sure everyone will get the story – eventually!! Regardless, it’s a wonderful score and a lot of fun.

We had a great line-up of principals with seasoned G & S member Ross Bryant leading the way as the miserly Grand Duke Rudolf of Pfennig Halbpfennig.

Cast for The Grand Duke
Rudolf, Grand Duke of Pfennig Halbpfennig - Ross Bryant
Ernest Dummkopf, a Theatrical Company Manager - Cameron East
Ludwig, his leading Comedian - Max Page
Dr Tannhauser, a Notary - Ian Ferguson
The Prince of Monte Carlo - Roger Starbuck
Herald - James Cooper
The Princess of Monte Carlo - Elizabeth Needham (betrothed to Rudolph)
Baroness Caroline von Krakenfeldt - Lorraine Kirwan (betrothed to Rudolph)
Julia Jellicoe, an English Comedienne - Nicole McMullen
Lisa, a Soubrette - Liza Cobb
PLUS the SOC chorus